Engineered, performed & mixed by Florian Gouëllo




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Q: Are your loops royalty-free?

When you purchase and use our Drum Loops, you are granted a royalty-free
license for your music.

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Q: What is the purpose of the multi-track, and how user-friendly is it?

Our drum loops packs offers unique and detailed multi-tracks for each of our loops and breaks.

These multi-tracks provide customers with the flexibility to customize the loops in various ways, such as adding effects, selecting their favorite mic combinations or adjusting EQ settings. Accessing them is easy, thanks to consistent labeling.

Additionally, artists and producers can kickstart their creative process by using both the stereo bounce and multi-track, making it a powerful tool for creative exploration and sound design.

Navigate multi-tracks with ease using our meticulously organized folders, creating a consistently harmonious workflow.

Q: How do I download and access the drum loops I purchase?

Once you purchase a drum loops pack, you will receive a download link via email. You can then download the files and import them into your DAW.

Splice - Vintage Grooves by Florian Gouello

Engineered, performed & mixed by Florian Gouello

“Vintage Grooves”, created by Florian Gouello, features all the vintage, dry, dead drum glory you could need. With 35 drum breaks in 4 different flavors (dry, lofi, reverb, and saturated, for 140 loops total), and 40 drum one-shots, Vintage Grooves will keep your feet moving and your wheels turning with retro disco inspired drum loops to fuel your creativity!

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Splice - Electracoustic by Florian Gouello

Engineered, performed & mixed by Florian Gouello

Dive into 'Electracoustic,' a drum pack that seamlessly blends '80s machine precision with the live drummer's feel. With 100+ loops, 10 fills, and dynamic one-shots, experience the energy of kicks, snares, toms, and cymbals.

Explore the intersection of electronic precision and organic vibe.

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