Vintage Warmth Meets Natural Sound

With 4 tempos to choose from, this pack features a rare Ludwig WFL Vintage kit and a 1940's Slingerland kick drum for a tremendous bass sound.

With multi-track options, you'll have unlimited mixing and customization at your fingertips. Everything you need to create unique and soulful tracks that stand out from the rest.

Create your unique sound today!

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Florian Gouello - Drum Loops

Natural Drum Loops Vol.1

Natural Drum Loops Vol.1

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88 Loops, 34 Breaks + Multitrack 

88bpm, 123bpm, 176bpm (6/4), 110bpm

Performed, engineered & mixed by Florian Gouëllo 


Artwork by Marine Benjamin

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Coles 4038, Reslo "The Beeb", AKG D12VR, FET47, M201, SM57, KM187, Fuzzyphone

Outboard Gear

Neve 1073, Chandler TG2 preamps

  • This pack offers a variety of drum loops at different tempos, giving you the freedom to explore and create music in your own unique style.

  • Drums

    The Ludwig WFL Vintage kit with coated heads and pretty resonant drums is the star of this pack. On some recordings, a 1940's 26" Slingerland kick drum with calfskin heads was also used, providing a tremendous bass drum sound that you will surely love.

  • Microphones

    To capture the warmth and natural sound of the kit, ribbon mics such as coles 4038 and Reslo the beeb were used along with classic mics like FET47, SM57, and D1VR.

  • The Mood

    The pack includes 4 different tempos, starting with 88bpm, which offers mellow beats, warmth, and vintage classics with 19 loops on the ride & 21 loops on hi-hat, as well as 12 breaks. At 110bpm, the drums were played with brushes, making it perfect for folk songs with a good drive. It contains 10 loops and 3 breaks.

  • The 123bpm tempo offers a simply classic soul records vibe with 13 loops played on hihat, 2 on ride, and 12 breaks. Finally, the 176bpm tempo offers John Mayer-ish 6/4 inspired by the song Gravity with a dry snare sound and cutting afterbeats. It was played with the heart and could be used for a breakup song with its soulful playing. It contains 14 loops played on hihat, 9 loops including ride, and 7 breaks.

  • Multi-Track

    In addition to the drum loops, the pack includes multi-track options for each loop and break, giving you more mixing and customization options to create your own unique sound. With 'Natural Drum Loops Vol.1', you can create music that feels organic and authentic, with a vintage touch that stands out from the rest.

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