NoHo Vol.1

Introducing the first volume of the NoHo Drum Loops series - the ultimate drum loops pack made in collaboration with Los Angeles based producer and mixer John V in his studio in North Hollywood.

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Florian Gouello - Drum Loops

NoHo Drum Loops Vol.1

NoHo Drum Loops Vol.1

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Introducing NoHo Drum Loops Vol.1 - Elevate Your Beats!

Unleash the power of NoHo Drum Loops Vol.1, crafted by Florian Gouëllo and John V in North Hollywood, California. Inspired by sample-based and hip hop beats, these loops boast a distinct, cool, and dusty sound that exudes attitude.


Artwork by Marine Benjamin

Photos by David Maurel 

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  • Containing 191 loops and 81 breaks, all at three different tempos: 88bpm, 115bpm, and 126bpm, each loop and break has been carefully crafted and professionally recorded to ensure maximum quality and impact.

  • They're perfect for producers, mixers, and musicians alike, and can be seamlessly integrated into any music genre, giving you the flexibility and freedom to explore your creativity.



Coles 4038, Beyerdynamic M201, 47FET, AKG D112, Shure Unidyne III 545SD & MD421

Outboard Gear

Neve 1073 Preamps & EQ, API 3124V, Vintage Shure Preamps, Purple Audio MC77, EL8 Distressors

NoHo Drum Loops in action :

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