Modern Disco Drum Loops Vol.1

The ultimate Drum loops pack for contemporary pop music producers, mixers, and creatives who are looking to capture the sound of modern-day pop music.

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Florian Gouello - Drum Loops

Modern Disco Drum Loops Vol.1

Modern Disco Drum Loops Vol.1

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Inspired by the grooves found in hits like Dua Lipa's 'Don't Start Now' and similar pop tracks, this pack features classic disco grooves with a modern twist that will add energy to your productions.

This pack comes with 93 loops, 40 breaks, and a multi-track option, giving you plenty of creative possibilities and mixing options.

Tempos : 104bpm, 117bpm, 126bpm, 128bpm

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What's included

This pack includes 93 Loops, 40 Breaks + Multi-track 

Tempos : 104bpm, 117bpm, 126bpm, 128bpm


Coles 4038, FET47, AKG D12VR, SM57, SM7B, Neumann KM184, Beyerdynamic M201

Outboard Gear

Neve 1073, Chandler TG2

THAT Disco sound

The loops in this pack have been meticulously recorded and mixed to deliver a polished sound that is perfect for contemporary pop music.

With four different BPMs - 104, 117, 126, and 128 - this pack provides plenty of flexibility for your tracks, allowing you to create catchy and danceable pop tracks that will keep your listeners moving.


In addition to the loops and breaks, 'Modern Disco' also includes a multitrack for each loop and break, giving you the ability to dig deeper into the processing and mix each element to your liking. This opens up a world of creative possibilities and allows you to customize the loops to fit your unique production style.


With 'Modern Disco', you'll have the perfect foundation for your pop tracks. Get your hands on it now and start creating!

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