Meet the Artists Behind the Greasy Drum Loops Promo Songs

Meet the Artists Behind the Greasy Drum Loops Promo Songs


When creating the Greasy Drum Loops pack, my main focus was always on how people would use it. I believe that drum loops are meant to be a tool for music creation, rather than standalone pieces. That's why I put so much thought into crafting loops that would inspire and enhance your own musical productions.

I also want to share with you the special connection I have with each of the artists who participated in composing music for the Greasy Drum Loops promo videos. Each artist brought their own unique style and perspective, from their production techniques to their artistic vision. They have all contributed in making the Greasy Drum Loops packs stand out and be incredibly exciting to explore.

I like how different people respond to the same beat. In many ways, it's like being at the center of an experiment in creativity.


Pierre Simon

Meet Pierre Simon, a highly skilled multi-instrumentalist, producer, and mixer. You may know him from his work on projects like Pony Pony Run Run, Adé, Georgio, and more.

In 2021, serving as both the drummer and Musical Director for french rapper Georgio, I had the pleasure of inviting Pierre to join us for the 'Sacré' Tour. Working with him was easy due to his fantastic creativity and technical expertise.

Photo : Antonin N'Kruma 

Guillaume Bernard

Guillaume Bernard is the guitarist of the alternative-metal band 'Klone.' I discovered Klone a while ago at the 'Rockstore' venue in Montpellier when they were opening for Gojira, whom I have always been a big fan of. Since then, I have been following Guillaume's activities, and we recently connected via social media to discuss collaborating on some music together. I decided to send him some of my loops, and he kindly accepted to compose two songs to help me promote the new Greasy Drum Loops Packs series.

Simon Pogo Car Crasheur

Simon Pogo Car Crasheur is the guitarist of the French band Pogo Car Crash Control. I've had the pleasure of seeing them perform live multiple times, and I must say they are one of the best live bands I have ever seen. I am a huge fan of their music, and I have always admired Simon's style and attitude on stage.

When it came to the 212bpm loops folder of Greasy Drum Loops Vol.2, it immediately struck me how cool his riffs would sound on them.

I wrote him a message, then we made a call... and this is the result!

Photo : Antonin N'Kruma  



Endors-Toi, a talented French producer duo consisting of David Assolo and Yannick Ange, came into my musical journey through Marcus. When I shared my idea of inviting friends and talented individuals to compose music to showcase the Greasy Drum Loops packs, Marcus introduced me to them. Though we've only met in person once, their energy and input was very exciting to me.


Thibaut Bresson

Thibaut Bresson, a French producer, was recommended to me by Marcus in the context of creating songs for the promotion of the Greasy Drum Loops pack. Marcus trained Thibaut at Greasy Records Studio and described him as a creative and talented individual. He's a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who explores everything from vintage synthesizers to drumming in the garage punk band @damaghead on Instagram. After contacting him, I immediately fell in love with the variety and coherence of the ideas he brought, as well as the references that resonated with me. He composed the very first promo spot for Greasy Drum Loops (main video of Volume 1), which is a clear testament to his talent for choosing this piece composed by him to introduce this series of packs.

Now based in Paris, Thibaut spends his days in his studio, where drums, keyboards, guitars, and more come together in his compositions.


Louis Ledoux 

Louis Ledoux

Louis and I met at the Centre Des Musiques Didier Lockwood music school in Paris. Although it's a jazz-oriented school, the diversity of tastes and open-mindedness, as well as the philosophy of sharing and music, profoundly impacted every student.

All the people I studied with for three years there feel like family; it's as if we never left the school. I asked Louis if he'd like to try some riffs on the loops, just for fun, and I have to say I'm impressed by the result and the ideas Louis brought to the table... Check him out!


Final Note

As you work with these loops and make them your own, remember that it's not just about the music. It's also about connecting with other artists who share a passion for creating inspiring songs. I hope this glimpse into the collaboration behind the scenes adds an extra layer of inspiration and excitement to your music-making journey.

I can't wait to hear what people will create with this drum loops series! Let's embark on this musical adventure together.


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