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Florian Gouello - Drum Loops

Greasy Drum Loops Collection

Greasy Drum Loops Collection

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Greasy Drum Loops Collection: Your Sound, Perfected

353 Loops, 232 Breaks, 620 One shots + Multi-Track (Extended Version).

Each pack in the series offers its own unique flavor, but when combined, they blend, offering a sonic arsenal with endless creative options.

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    The pack includes 4 stereo mixes, one shots, and an extended version with multi-tracks, offering complete creative control for crafting a truly distinctive sound.


    Simply drag and drop one of our Greasy Drum Loops into your DAW.


    Designed for effortless multi-track navigation within neatly organized folders, ensuring a consistently harmonious workflow.

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Get Greasy Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3 and Greasy One Shots all-in-one pack!

Upgrade your music production today!

Trustworthy world-renowned music producers and artists have already given it their seal of approval. So unleash your potential with this collection of essential loops and samples crafted by expert producers.

Article : Vintage analog gear in a top-tier French studio

Discover more about Greasy studios, the location where these loops pack were captured. It boasts vintage analog equipment in a high-end French studio in Paris.

Read : 'Greasy Studios. A Tale of Family, Creativity and Quality.'

Greasy Drum Loops Collection : Upgrade your Sound

With three meticulously crafted packs recorded using vintage analog gear in a top-tier French studio, this bundle offers unparalleled flexibility and professional-grade sound.

Whether you're working on a pop track or a heavy rock anthem, the Greasy Drum Loops Series Bundle has you covered. It's your all-in-one solution to instantly level up your drum tracks.

Immerse yourself in the smooth, gritty, and raw sounds that this bundle brings to your music. From the infectious grooves to the powerful rhythms, these drum loops deliver an authentic analog touch.
Each pack in the series offers its own unique flavor, but when combined, they create a sonic arsenal that knows no bounds.

Get the Greasy Drum Loops Bundle today and unlock a world of creativity and inspiration.



Get your hands on every drum loop in our collection and save 20% on your purchase.

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