Greasy Studios: A Tale of Family, Creativity and Quality.

Greasy Studios: A Tale of Family, Creativity and Quality.

In this Studio Stories blog post, we'll dive into the history of Greasy Studios, the birthplace of Greasy Drum Loops.



Formerly known as UZ Studios, founded by Stella and Francis Linon in the basement of their family home near Paris, Greasy Studios has an inspiring history dating back to 1985. Their primary focus was to record and produce the legendary band "Magma." Back then, it was uncommon to be independent in the music business, making them pioneers in their own right.


The Early Years of Magma: How Cyborg Helped Shape their Unique Sound

Magma's mystical music and Francis' personal relationship with British engineers Graham Langley and Rupert Neve allowed them to create an audio importation/distribution business called "Cyborg." The company sold high-end gear from several manufacturers, including their flagship brand, Amek. This move was a big factor in getting the studio proper equipment in the early years to capture the magic of Magma on tape. 


The Perfect Find: Rediscovering the Old and Making it New Again at Greasy Studios with Amek.

Even to this day, Amek consoles are prevalent in the control room at Greasy Studios. When Stella & Francis moved their activity to the sunny south of France, their son Marcus took over and gave the place a new life and a new name, Greasy Studios. In 2011, when the space was empty from recording equipment, Marcus, a self-proclaimed studio nerd, invested in gear to capture his musical adventures. Coincidentally, he found an old Amek broadcast console for sale, and the circle was complete.




A Collaborative Hub : Uniting Artists at Greasy Studios

More talent and people gradually came to the house, and the Greasy brand started to spread. A few years later, Marcus expanded the studio again, turning the living room into an impressive mix room. Mixing and mastering became his primary activity, focusing on sound and musical quality. He now shares the recording space with the talented producer and musician, Max Baby. Together, they work with great artists such as Darius, Ichon, Hannah Jadagu, Yellowstraps, Kirin J. Callinan, Walter Astral, Kartell, Goldie Boutilier, .Else, Albert Newton, and many more.


The Essence of Greasy Studios

Greasy Studios' philosophy hasn't changed since the mid-80s: family, creativity, and quality. It's what drives their passion for music and producing the best results.

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