A Beginner's Guide to Florian Gouello Drum Loops: Which Pack Should You Choose?

A Beginner's Guide to Florian Gouello Drum Loops: Which Pack Should You Choose?


Are you a new customer of Florian Gouello Drum Loops and feeling overwhelmed by the wide range of options available? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this article, we'll provide you with a simple and clear description of each pack, helping you make an informed decision about which one suits your musical style and preferences. Let's dive in!


1. NoHo Drum Loops Series :

Inspired by the beats of Kaytranada and classic hip hop legends like J Dilla, the NoHo Drum Loops Series offers a variety of hip hop and up-tempo beats with Florian Gouello's unique touch. These loops can be chopped, pitched, and creatively altered, making them perfect for hip hop producers who like to experiment and add an organic feel to their beats. The drum loops give your tracks an old-school feel with their dusty textures.

Get ready for a fun and versatile experience!


2. G.T.L.A Drum Loops :

If you're longing for a classic retro tone with a modern twist, the G.T.L.A pack is your go-to choice. These drum beats are designed to be powerful and can be used in indie and hip hop tracks. With the multi-track option, you can achieve soulful styles, and the loops themselves can be processed just like classic drum samples. Prepare to create a nostalgic ambiance with a contemporary edge!


3. Processed 70's Drum Loops :

The Processed 70's pack is one of Florian Gouello Drum Loops' best sellers, popular for its 'dead' drum sounds that many producers seek. These straightforward drum loops capture the essence of the era, offering a touch of vintage charm and perfect for a wide range of production styles.


4. Modern Disco Drum Loops :

Step into the era of disco with the Modern Disco Vol.1 pack. These simple disco beats will make you want to hit the dance floor instantly. Whether you're a disco lover or a producer in need of that classic disco sound for pop funk or indie tracks, this pack has got you covered. Easy to use and featuring classic beats, it's time to spread those disco vibes!


5. Greasy Drum Loops Series:

Designed for rock enthusiasts, the Greasy Drum Loops Series packs a punch with heavy beats across different tempo ranges. While primarily created for rock music, this pack offers various options and grooves that could also be suitable for pop records, depending on your mix choices. With four mixes to choose from (dry, saturated, room, dead), you can achieve the perfect rock sound for your compositions.


6. Natural Drum Loops Vol.1 :

For a vintage touch with resonant tones, the Natural Series is the perfect choice. Offering a slightly more open and controlled sound than other packs, these loops are ideal for retro and soul tracks. Give your compositions that timeless feel with this captivating pack.


7. Splice's Vintage Grooves (Label Discotheque):

If you're a disco lover, pop funk enthusiast, or indie producer looking for classic disco beats, Splice's Vintage Grooves from the Label Discotheque, recorded, performed, and mixed by Florian Gouello, is a versatile option. With 25 loops, 10 breaks, and a series of various one-shots, this pack offers simple and easy-to-use beats. Choose from four different mixes (dry, saturated, lo-fi, reverb) to achieve the desired effect in your productions.



Now that you have a clear understanding of the different drum loop packs offered by Florian Gouello, you can confidently choose the one that aligns with your musical style and production needs. Whether you're into hip hop, retro vibes, rock, disco, or soul, there's a perfect pack waiting for you. So, dive in, get creative, and let Florian Gouello Drum Loops elevate your music to new heights!

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